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Woodcarving 101

Owner - Jerry Greer

Owner – Jerry Greer

Try it! You’ll like it!

This is where you begin if you think you may want to be a carver. You  will carve a fish in the round and a leaf in relief carving.  You will learn to use a knife, palm tools, and mallet tools.   With this basic knowledge, you are ready for most projects.  Tools for Woodcarving 101 are provided. No big expense to try your hand at carving. If you decide this is the craft for you, you will be able to purchase tools with a student discount at the end of the class.




Instructor:  Jerry Greer,  Two 2 hour classes, $100, all materials included, keep the knife.



JanBeginningWood Acanthus Woodcarving   

Scandinavian Style

Learn this graceful art with just basic tools. The exercise is designed to teach all the basic cuts. You will be proud to show off your finished piece to friends!  There are 2 Acanthus classes.  In one, you carve a key rack.  In the other you will be carving Love Spoons.  Students completing this class will be proficient enough to tackle most any project – even a carousel horse!

Key Rack, 4 hour class, $55             Love Spoon, 2 day class, $85

Instructor: Bjorn Heglie


We begin Carousel horse carving in January! Make a family heirloom.

What’s Up?

Carousel Horse 

Take it to the MAX!

Yes, you can! Create a treasure for yourself and your whole family to enjoy for generations to come. Work at your own pace. Your horse will be constructed in 4 parts. Legs, head, body and tail. We begin with the legs.

Arrange start time, on your schedule, with instructor.

Instructor: Jerry Greer, 4 Parts, $1400 total
Select your dates with Jerry.


Mini Carousel Horse

Just as pretty as the big ones. Constructed using the same system as we use for the big horses.

Instructor:  Donna Edsel, 4-5  sessions,  2 hours each, $65


Basic Relief Carving

Get the picture!

Use your skills from Woodcarving 101 to create a wall hanging you’ll be proud of.
This is the layered art of relief carving.
Learn depth, dimension, and perspective.

Instructor:  Donna Edsel, three 2 hour sessions, $65


Advanced Relief Carving

Intricate landscape carving.


Instructor:  Donna Edsel, 4-5 sessions, 2 hours each,, $65  plus wood.


Bark Carving

Whimsical houses suitable for gnomes! Instead of carving wood, you carve on the bark side. No straight lines, no mistakes! Three progressing classes are offered.   1) Bark House, $55    2) Bark Wall Hanging, $60   3) House in the round, 2 day class, $80.


Instructor:  Dan Collins


Carving in the Round

Learn techniques for rounding and shaping while carving a stylized pelican in the beginners’ class, and a bear in the intermediate class.  These techniques also apply in many other types of carving.  This class is 2 sessions of 2 hour carving for the pelican, and 2-3 classes for the bear.  The wood cut out is included.

Instructor:  Donna Edsel, $65.  (Large standing bear is $80.)


Hitty Doll Carving

Hitty was a hand carved little doll made about 1828.   In 1929, she became the subject of a children’s book.  The book was very popular (winning literary awards), and every little girl wanted a Hitty doll.  She was never commercially made.  All Hitty dolls were hand carved by fathers during the depression for their little girls.  Hitty dolls are cherished by doll collectors, and this class will be popular with carvers and doll collectors alike.  At the end of the 3 day class, carvers will have a completely carved doll dressed in a 3 piece outfit.  Hitty carving is offered in other classes by other instructors for as much as $450!


Instructor:  Jerry Greer, 3 day class, $175, all materials included.




Patriotic and noble looking eagles will be the subject for this class.  Traditionally a subject of carvings in the 1700 & 1800’s.  This would be a class for more advanced students.

Instructor:  Jerry Greer, 4 sessions – each about 4-5 hours.  $75 cut out included.




WATERCOLOR for beginners.  Learn how the paint flows and mixes, and what other substances

will cause the watercolor to create.  We paint an underwater scene on canvas.  All materials are included.  2 hour class.


ACRYLIC  for beginners.  Learn numerous methods for getting the paint on the canvas.  We paint a field of flowers

or the cosmos.   All materials are included.  2 hour class.


ACRYLIC PART TWO is creating an Oregon scene on canvas.  Learning dimension and perspective.

All materials included.  2 hour class.


COPY THE MASTERS.  Using the technique and style of Monet, Picasso, or O’Keefe, create your own

masterpiece on canvas.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


SUNCATCHERS made from plastics.  Students create their own mold design, mix colors, and melt

to make a beautiful window ornament.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


GNOME HOME for your garden.  With stone and mortar, students build a home and finish by

making a little wooden door.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


BIRD HOUSE  ready to paint in orginal designs and color.  Students will assemble using hammer

and nails.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


PAINTING ROCKS to look like other things.  Lots of fun and addictive!  Students don’t want

to stop!  All materials included.  2 our class.


WOOD BURNING  for students aged 12 and up.  Students create a picture on wood and paint

their finished picture for hanging.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


RELIEF CARVING  for students 12 and up.  This is a carving class to introduce beginners to

one form of carving.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


DECOUPAGE  is the art of layering papers onto objects.  Students learn not only the technique

but also composition.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


MOLLAGE is a combination of mosaic, collage, and mirage.  Paper and glue.  Nothing is

really as it appears!  All materials included.  2 hour class.


CHARCOAL sketching.  Learning dimension, composition, and shading.

All materials included.  2 hour class.


PEN & INK drawings filled with Zantangles!  Fun!  At the end of the class each student

selects one of their drawings for framing.  All materials included.  2 hour class.


ALCOHOL INK painting on glass or ceramic tiles or metal.

All materials included.  2 hour class.



Learn about color, silhouettes, and all the parts of fabricating clothing.  Design your own line, and present it in a portfolio.

2 sessions.  2 hours each.  $40